Theme of my blog

We all have a voice. We all deserve to be heard, but whom would listen to you if you was a fourteen year old girl? The answer is no one. That is why I have made this blog. This is my way to speak my opinions to well anyone who takes the time to read what I have to say. This is my only way to tell my perspective on everyday I’ve and the events that happen in it. While if people do know my age they may not take my opinions seriously, but they will know that I understand made than I am given credit for. I hope that you will read what I have to say instead of just ignoring it all for the factor of my age. Another thing, feel free to speak your opinion on whatever you feel about my blog and my posts, you have a voice and here you can use it as you wish. As I have learned to know is that if you let people keep you from speaking your mind and keeping people from hearing your voice then you shall have a harder life than of you fight back and let yourself be heard even if they don’t want you to. We all have the freedom of speech and I intend on using my amendment as I should, and as you all should.